Best Shot in the Game

Who has the best shot. I dont mean the quickest but which one has the highest percentage to go in? I think Paul George is a good example for an easy shot or maybe James Harden.

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Objectively that would be whoever has the largest green window according to 2Klabs

I don’t know off the top of my head

I believe when 2klabs tested it, PG and KD had the longest green window in the game.

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KD & PG, my sg and sf :innocent:. Old man’s green goblins.
Also Mitch, Tmac are sweet ones. Klay & JR are on fast but easy side.


I wll try out KD, i really like Agent Zero but its hard for me to hit his shot permanent. The same with Kobe. Larry Legends hot i got used to.

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Easiest? KD, Klay, Pierce, Kawhi. Kind of a mix of fast and slowish choices. Completely up to the user.

And really, I cant stress enough how much it makes a difference when I take a new player to freestyle, and just shoot for a good 5+mins w them. Learn their standing releases, fades, off dribble, try dribble moves.

Just to note…if you have a guy that you enjoy his release, but it’s on the slow end…utilize pumpfakes off the catch. You’ll either get someone to bite, or they will come up to defend, leaving potential for a slash right by them.

But yes…like mentioned…2klabs has broken this down, if you’re looking at the best shot by the biggest green window.


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I would think klay had the highest window to green

Larry Bird’s maybe? Just checked his stats and he’s shooting 77% from 3 which is madness for my standards lol.

Klay and bird for me! Also harden is great for me as well even though a lot of people hate it but all these guys green got me alot

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His thing is best shooter hitting none-green shots. Not too easy to green but hits anyway.

As long its slow its good for me


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Yeah that’s true can’t think of many times I’ve greened it but seems to hit them anyway, even from limitless range.

Also as for ‘moving’ shots; Kobe, Lebron & Russ are top notch. Their moving ones are way better.

Try Pierce. GO is pretty cheap. Slow release. Great badging, defense, dribbles, etc. Hes a very nice option for someone on a budget that wants to have a nice GO sg or sf

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You would probably like Kawhi, Ben Simmons, and Anthony Davis

Slower but not terribly slow

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Yeah Klay is a beast as well.

I’d say Granger and Melo have the easiest releases for me, both are fast obviously. For some reason Granger’s release is easier for me to time than any other base 11.

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Lol 18 comments and still no one mentioned Base 11?

Oh my bad I did