Best shooting guards for 30k or under

I have a good 30k to spend on a shooting guard, I don’t care if the suggestions range from sapphires to diamonds, I’m just looking for a badass to play guard for me :smile:

I currently have ruby Larry Hughes on my bench, so I have an open spot at starter… any suggestions will help!

Jimmy Buckets


Emerald Brook Lopez

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What does Amy J.R. Smith go for these days? I bought him many moons ago for 82K and he’s still fire. I assume his price has come down, though maybe not that far

I play diamond Lillard as my bench shooting guard and he’s surprisingly effective given his size. Transition limitless threes all day.


I had Hamidou and I liked him but I sold him for whatever reason. I could get him back but I felt like he was a bit of a brick layer, but he was still fire at the rim. Could get him back though…

Allen Houston unless he went up with his duo

Jimmy Butler is very solid, definitely the best one under this budget imo.

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Sapphire Terrence Ross

Around 30-40k, those Throwback Elite packs really brought his prices down. Great bang for your buck card, he was my go to guy earlier in the year when he was first released

I knew that JR was fire but I have never tried him but I most definitely should. Always wanted to test him out

Diamond klaw


Yah go grab diamond kawhi now doubt his price stays this low

see if you can grab a cheap Diamond kawahi if someone slips up and doesnt set BIN high enough

Hedo is the best player in the game. Get him

Update: pulled PD Pippen, sold him and picked up PD Wade and Kawhi and I love both of them. Got lucky I guess! I no longer need a 30k shooting guard lmfaoo

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Whats ur team look like and what SGs have you liked in this 2k or even past ones. Also do you use plays?

Most consistent shooter for me

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Kawhi has 3pt plays, has 95-96 open 3, lockdown and 6’7. Easy choice.