Best shoes for GO Clyde Drexler?

What shoes give him the best takeovers?

Who’s your coach?

Dantoni and LeBron South Beach = sharp/slash

Just unlocked Clyde and Iverson. Wondering if anyone else has shoe ideas. Was looking at either red Kyries or cp3

With Stevens and pink adidas he gets lock/slasher and has rediculous dunk animations in takeover

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For Iverson, I did the Adidas that gives draw foul (98 to 99), contact dunk (95 to 99), passing vision (97 to 99), speed (already 99), and defensive consistency (95 to 99).

It just seemed to give him the most overall boosts, other than maybe wasting on post fade or something.

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I’m loving Iverson so far but he does feel a bit sluggish in general especially when compared to GO Clyde. One frustration is that I cannot get him to run the Iverson series. The computer always makes him the primary ballhandler to pass off to the cutter, and I want him to be the cutter. Does not matter who I run as my PG or where I put Iverson. The whole series was designed for his offensive skill set and I cannot properly use him in it.

Try putting LeBron in your lineup… you can surround LeBron cards with 4 PG’s, and he’ll still bring the ball up the court every time lol.

Ok, so I have all the Draft cards, but haven’t locked yet. I currently have 251 tokens, leaving me with 1 token leftover if I lock the set and grab Clyde. PD Clyde was one of my faves for a long time this year.

GO Clyde users: Is it worth it to grab this opal? I don’t care about the lock… I have more MT than I can spend the rest of the year (KD, Klay, and/or Dr. Dray are the only GO’s left that I’d buy at this point anyway).

I never really used the PD but this GO Clyde has kicked MJ and PG off my 10 man rotation. He’s like a Brandon Roy on steroids. His dribble moves are a million times better than Roy and his behind the back is amazing. He posterizes especially in takeover and picks the ball all the time. I was never really a big base 8 guy but his is just slow enough where I can time it easily. Only knock is no HOF limitless, but I honestly knock down a ton. HOF DRD is more important to me anyway since I tend to shoot after creating with dribbles.

I locked him and AI after realizing after a year of hoarding MT, I have nothing to do with it. I only have 3 opals left to redeem. Walt and Payton looks fun but too many cards at this point. Elgin doesn’t interest me at all. Not sure what to do with the 3000 tokens when I lock for Shaq now.

Damn you are tempting me to get him. I thought tall PG’s would be the way to go for me with Magic and LeBron but honestly not feeling it so far cause I’m struggling with their releases and dribbles compared to someone like Kobe. Would love someone like Clyde to just mess around with.

Probably be smarter for to wait for the 3k tokens than to lock for 500 though.

If you already have the first 2 anni locked, might as well wait for KG and get 3000. I was bored and locked 20 heat checks and the Draft set to get a 1000 tokens. Already had 500 tokens so unlocked 2 GO at once. Those heat checks has been sitting there since I unlocked Giannis but I never sold back. Decided to say f it and lock since game is dying a slow death already. I’m just impatient haha.

I don’t have them locked but got most of them for very good prices so I’m probably looking at a 650k lock for those plus I have PG13 already who I love. I’m kinda just fiending for a new token reward and the 3k tokens look like a better deal than the 500 if you take the players into consideration. Getting Shaq means I can sell a lot of stuff to free up MT.

But then again they really need to drop some fire in the token rewards. Right now I’d only consider Clyde and Pettit.

@2kballNow So you’re saying his shot is easier to time than Roy’s? I’d get him, but I’m afraid I’m gonna brick :blush: Also, in what way does Iverson feel sluggish?

He’s not as quick as I thought he would be. If you can, try his PD. It feels like the same speed. I expected him to be a speed demon, running circles around everyone. His dribbles are also not that quick, and you can also check out his PD to see. Clyde feels much faster than him moving around the court. Hard to explain but even off of speed boosts he doesn’t feel that quick.

That said, it’s a lot of fun using Iverson and scoring on bigger guys. You have to work for your baskets but it’s more satisfying. His moving shots are great and I hit a ton of limitless. When you dunk on a center for the first time with him, it’s a great feeling haha.

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Thanks, that’s very important info about Iverson. I also thought he was going to be super quick… That’s a bit of a bummer.

You wrote that you like Clyde more than PG- in what way is he better? Is it about speed and quickness?

It’s probably more of new card glow for me to pick him over PG. Offensively, I can do more with Clyde than PG because of his dribbling and quick release. PG defensively is better. I should clarify that I had to try to fit both AI and Clyde into my ten man rotation so MJ and PG had to go. I’ve also used PG and MJ both since release so time for a refresh.

At this point, I also want to run cards my opponents don’t have. Which is why McHale, Iverson, Clyde, Pettit, Giannis and even Simmons are more fun to me to avoid mirror matches.

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When I first got him, I agree Iverson felt weirdly sluggish. I actually only run one play for him (a high double screen). Mostly I chain behind the back dribbles and go where the defender isn’t, bomb limitless 3s and when they start trying to tighten the D I go right by them and dunk or dish.


He only feels sluggish because you expect him to be lightning quick, and because so many guys already have max speed. If you know his dribbles he’s really tough for the D to keep up with if you bomb 3s and then keep them guessing with drives. Nothing is more satisfying then catching the D with a couple of 3s, then they start closing out hard and Iverson will destroy some poor fool with a guerilla jam.


Thanks man. I’ll probably get him as a part of my incoming 5 token opals redemption spree.

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I just picked up Clyde. He fucking rules.