Best shoes and badges for BigO

All Is in the title :grinning:

D stopper ( don’t remember what else)

I run pink stripe Adidas on mine

Thanks i will look at that
Someone else ?

White kobes mate.


Posterizer, bruiser, defensive stopper, deep range deadeye, post spin technician, hustle rebounder

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Thanks guys

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Yeah white Kobes increase post fade, open 3, ball control, steal and acceleration. It’s an all around win for Oscar.

It really depends on your Playstyle. But obligate is defensive stopper, other than that he misses these badges:



Postspin, Dropstep, up-and-under

And rim protector.

I would not put limitless on him because you should not use him as Steph curry. If you gonna work the post as you should do, I would put postspin on him. For defensive reasons you can go with rim protector if you are playing a switch defense, which is what I do.

Personally I put:

Defensive Stopper (obvious)
Bruiser (drains energy from opposing pg)
Deeprange( slow release works wonder with contested threes)
Post spin ( main reason I have this card, post play)
Posterizer ( helps when some bigmen is coming for help after the postspin or on a normal drive)
Rim Protector ( as he will be guarding Bigs occasionally under the basket in my switch all defense)

If you are not switching on pnrolls put corner on him, especially if you have also a second ball handler on court.


Lol no White Kobe shoes in the AH

The blue converse are decent if you don’t want to spend 40K on a shoe at the moment.

The cheap Melo red shoe that boost post fade among other things is best one beside Kobe Mid shoe.

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He can’t wear converse for some reason. I have diamond converse shoes and Big O doesn’t pop up for them.

Yeah I paid 43K for that Kobe shoe, but it is a game changer for sure.

I was able to put them on my Big O?

I paid 160k for a badge out DI contract and white Kobes yesterday and I think I got a steal, this guy is amaizing.

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You sure?. I’ll log on right now and see. It doesn’t allow me to put diamond converse on him. I’ll take a pic.

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I think the best for him will be SWB shoes

Wow :open_mouth: my BIG O must be glitched lol I’m about to take a pic of the shoe. That’s why I used the Kobe’s on him.