Best shoe on Pd Penny?

What y’all think is the best one for him? White Curry’s?

Curry hightops

Is that the white/blue UA?

Yup 99 speed with ball and acceleration plus 99 for all 3 stats

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Silver open3

I put red kyries on him and he is great.

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I swapped my base Penny for one with the Curry highs… it’s very nice.

Can you feel the difference? Cuz some people say there’s not much of one

Btw anybody know what he runs for with those Curry’s on ps4?

Not a huge difference, because it’s the best card in the game (in my opinion) as a base card, but he seems a little faster and I notice the difference in the moving 3. I sold the base for 95k and bought the one with the Currys for 110k. It was worth it for that price difference for sure.


The best shoe on PD Penny is using PD Harden :joy:

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All this hype over Penny. I get it. I loved Penny, but for SM, Harden has the edge. Penny’s shot is so damn slow, Harden could get 2 shots off by then.

His defense is terrible though don’t care how decent it looks on paper I head hunt him. Lol

Also just bored and want to try new players. I had Baron a week and am already bored of him

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