Best Shoe for Wiseman?

Whats the best shoe for Wiseman to use with an all bronze squad?

Use a real team and don’t cheese


define real team?

The shoe that gives him some quality teammates


haha i see you changed it to quality

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Well a real team is full of high rated players not. Low overall player paired with bronzes to try and play new players that have ass teams

i am the new player that has an ass team haha

A new player that has wiseman and want to know the best shoe to use for him with a all bronze team ? You know how impossible it is to start and have a all bronze team right ?

Who cares man, let him play how he wants to play. Are we here to judge how other people play the game or discuss it?

As to the shoe, Lillards might work for cheap

And if you really have an all bronze squad put in the locker codes

thanks man i ended up buying pg4

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Play 84 ovr if you want favourable matchups, you can still have a couple opals plus a few ruby and silver players