Best shoe for Willis Reed

I currently have the purple and yellow Kyries on him to up his speed, FT, and lateral quickness, but after using him for a few games, he’s actually pretty fast with the ball and now I’m starting to consider switching his shoe with one that ups his speed with ball.

Wow two diamond shoe for Reed? I don’t get it… Is he any good? I mean Lanier has the similar stats and two inch taller, and he’s less than 20k now I believe

He’s useless. Too small with bad animations. Last years amy reward from super max was 10x better and 100x more athletic.

I like putting Diamond shoes on people just for fun. I put shoes on all my diamonds, most of my amethysts (including that locker code Bob McAdoo), Ruby Scottie, Ruby MJ, and Ruby Dr J.

He’s been pretty good for me. But I’ve mostly just been using him in weekly challenges.

Yeah, vs cpu he’s ok. But I don’t recommend using him in unlimited. I tried once. Never again.

I feel you on that. I use Oden as my back up online.

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Oden is definitely much better.