Best shoe for Westbrook?

Gonna try him out and have 4 different Jordan shoes from those packs, so wondering which one to put it on. Pretty much all of them do not give him a huge boost, only open or moving three.


Boosting his 3-point shooting is the obvious move to make with a shoe.

Yeah, question is if open or moving is more valuable for him.

Well, that’s going to depend on how you use him. I’d personally say Moving. If you take good shots, then you shouldn’t need to boost past 93 Open 3.

I’m having the same exact issue lol. I almost feel it’s a waste of a shoe because most of his stats are already 97-99, with the exception of his 3 ball.

Moving 3

How often does he have the ball, would be nice to have the ability to smack a 3 in someone’s face when they back up

Red Kyrie’s

Russ can only wear Jordan’s.

It may sounds crazy but I put the Dunk shoe on him. He only got 95 driving dunk and 85 contact dunk. Since I don’t have anyone else to put the dunk shoe I just throw it on him… Also you don’t want to shoot a lot of 3s with WSB, you want him to attack the rim. I think it makes more sense to further take advantage of your strength instead of covering weaknesses. You’ll always make more 3s with Harden or curry or west regardless what shoe you put on WSB

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