Best Shoe For Timmy/ AK47?

Just got AK47 and Timmy last night and was wondering if anyone had any idea what the best diamond shoes for them would be??
seems like a gold shoe that increases 3pt rating would be a little more useful for timmy than those diamond adidas shoes but IDK. Also after using AK47 i gotta say he might be the best card available right now, absolute BEAST. His shot timing is almost identical to Melo too.

Muppet Slippers should be more than enough for Duncan. :smile:


Yes, i’m so jealous of that card :japanese_ogre:


I’m putting the pink striped adidas or purple & yellow Nikes/Jordan’s?? on TD.

Can only do adidas :confused:

you’re right about Timmy the gold that boost open 3 and speed is better than any of the diamond ones. That’s what I’m going to use with the coach boost his speed and open 3 will hit the 80s.

For AK47 it depends on how you’ll use him. I run him at SF so I boosted his SWB, steal, post fade with the White/pink adidas. The CP3s and Kyrie’s are also good fits. I don’t use him as a ball handler so I prefer the post fade boost over the BC.

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I might do the same then. I use him as a PF next to Timmy. Havent tried him at SF… who do you have as your front court if he is playing SF?

On my run for Issel It was Lucas & Lanier. Now it’s Issel & Lanier. I’m looking to replace Lanier, going to give Mutombo a go and see how it works. I tired DRob and Wallace and they weren’t it.

Is Issel really good? Im not gonna have him in time for the qualifier because I just started all time dom so I can get enough tokens for a second PD rewards player / Lucas.

Agree on Ak47 shoe concepts.

You basically have to choose if you want to boost his BC, SWB, Post Fade, dr dunk, contact dunk, speed, or accel. And then check out the shoe combos.

I went with BC and SWB (and contested 3, one of the red nikes) since I also put him at SF. 86 ball control gets lowered by Def stopper and getting cold, so I like to get up in the 90s to be comfortable in ISO (and since he’s a PF, he doesn’t get my D’antoni BC boost).

I’m 49 tokens from my first PD, and it will be duncan. Super bummed to hear he’s addidas only.

I can’t decide if I’ll just buy a ton of those gold shoes, or put on a diamond one, so I don’t have to deal with it.

Worst part about the gold shoe nerf, is that less people auction them (since quicksell almost as good) so it’s harder to stock up on gold shoes.

Hell yeah. Duncan is the obvious choice, Played my first few games with him last night… and oh my god hes amazing.

He’s solid, plays really well but he’s not a game changer. It could be because of my playstyle. He gets the job done tho, hit open shots rebounds and is solid on D. I wouldn’t worry to much about not having him for this weekend.

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Yeah I can’t wait. It sucks because I want TD/Stockton/Pierce/Mutombo almost equally. For whatever reason, Grant does nothing for me. Looks like a copy of 2k17 diamond reward card, which I hated.

I still can’t decide who I want with my 2nd choice. Stockton seems to be the next “best” option, but with Charlie scott and baron davis, I feel like my PGs are already exceptional on both offense and defnese. I think a Mutombo upgrade would be more noticeable (not a ton of great centers right now). But I think Pierce makes sense long term. Mutombo is gone as soon as I get a good Wilt/KAJ/Hakeem/D-rob.

I’ll figure it out. Knowing me, It’ll be awhile before the 2nd PD, because I really hate playing the CPU.

Oh god playing the CPU is awful. I just get stoned beyond belief, put on a netflix series and half heartedly play while hoping I hit the MT requirement (havent missed it yet thank god lol)

Yeah I think stockton, mutombo, pierce are my next choices. It is hard to go with stockton cause Penny (Charlie scott) and Baron are so good but If i get stockton I can always use Charlie Scott as my bench PG with Baron as my Sg or vice versa

Yeah I love zombie Penny so much. Feels like people on here prefer BD.

Having a disposable income makes it really hard to get through boring ass DOM games, but I’m making my way slowly but surely. I hate dom, it gets me off my game so much, so many bad habits/tendencies when I grind offline for too long.

Yeah I agree. When I go back online it takes me like a full game to even understand what im doing. Its jsut so much slower. The one thing dom has allowed me to do is learn new freelances and playbooks. I know about 3 freelances and 3 playbooks really well now and theres still a lot of time to get to know more… since i have… 32 games left… fuck… lol

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Haha, I still have the last 2 games of regular dom to go, so don’t feel too bad… I have to be one of like 12 players in the world who got AK47 before Mark Eaton at this point…

I know I should practice plays/freelances in Dom. But I find that 1 of 2 things happens. I get so bored with CPU, I stop trying, and just walk in for dunks layups on a moving crossover every play while walking up court.

Or on harder doms, I’ll get a bit of a challenge, so I’ll try to also learn new plays/freelances, but then I waste too much time, and end up getting an MT total that’s too low.

So far, I’m only familar with the Hawks playbook. I used celtics last year, so I’m sure I know most of that one. I’ve been using the “point” freelance. It’s got a few nice offball screen actions I like. I do want to mess around with playbooks and freelances more. I should probably be more proactive about that in Dom.

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Yeah towards the end of fantasy dom it gets tough. to be specific the east / west / final game are actually kind of difficult but before that its still a snooze fest lol

Okay that’s good to know. I never know how hard doms will be based on feedback, because everyone is so different. Plus I’m using 7 diamonds with diamond contracts/shoes at this point, so I’m sure 90% of the rest of all doms are gonna be pretty easy for me. I’ll make more of an effort to practice for sure.

I’m def not sharp enough online yet this year. But it’s tough with no skill matchmaking. One game I’m playing a scrub who doesn’t even know how to call plays. The next game I’m playing a guy with dribble skills of a park player, playcalling of a PNO guy, and press/trap defense of online vets. It’s just so hard to be consistent, when I feel like you have to adjust so damn much user to user.