Best shoe for PD Tim Duncan?

I normally use coach kerr.

Kyrie PE. Does Kerr Boost 3 point for bigs?

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He boosts def rebound, off rebound, shot close, on ball iq, driving layup and contested shot mid

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It’s either Kyrie PE or Foams/PGs. Anyway I think he can hit open 3s with 73 rating.


I think I’ll go for the kyrie PEs just because of the lat quickness and speed are great.

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Good choice. I went for that one too.

Which takeover does he have with Kerr?

Post takeover is a must on him. If you don’t have it, get black superstars.
They also add acceleration.

Other than that, white Jordans are good.
Dunking, speed, steal, pass acc.

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Anything that boosts speed/ accel. My TD is a pretty reliable shooter, of course he needs to be WIDE OPEN, but that release is still an easy green.

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Same here. He has no problem defending anyone with that shoe apart from those tall freaks with 90+ speed. 3 ball is good enough to keep defense honest - 78 is not much of an upgrade from 73 I guess…

pgs with da = post/defender