Best shoe for PD Payton?

Picked him up for 214k to see what’s the hype bout, only played 1 game with him so far and he forced a rage quit lol! Wondering what shoe fits him the most

Depends how you use him. Most people here been saying white Kobe or pink Adidas for 99 post control or fadeaway. It sounded like The Kyrie’s are a decent option too.

The white Kobe is a waste imo. Hes already got like 97 post fade at 92 three ball. with a coach hes a 96 or 97. I went with the kd to boost contested. The curry and Jordan dunking shoe will give him shot creator and playmaker. The Kd gives him lockdown and playmaker.

The most important stat you need to raise for him is his Draw foul imo

Blue adidas diamond shoe
Blue KD diamond shoe

I cant confirm Blue KD takeovers but Blue adidas diamond shoe give him Play/ Lock


Is that the white with a blue nike logo KD shoe?


White Jordan boost draw foul and dunk :wink:


Play/lock with red Kyrie’s and dantoni

Wanted to add: Kerr and Curry shoe = Playmaker Lockdown Takeover. Fyi

Edit: with Dantoni as well.

Mine has black Lebrons he has lockdown/shot creator with Casey

Does anybody know if he gets lock/sharp with a particular shoe combined with D’Antoni?


Put white/black addidas on him and run pop/Stevens. Thank me later.

I’m not giving up D’Antoni due to his boosts for Shaq. Is there a different shoe which can give Shaq Post/Slash with Popovich?

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Nah your stuck with glass slash. I bounce back and forth from dantoni to pop for this same reason

Eh, then fuck Pop/Stevens.

Any shoe for Payton which gives him Sharp/Lock with D’Antoni, or Shot/Lock?

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I don’t think he can get sharp. His other stats are too high. Super annoying.

Damn, what about Shot?

I have the Diamond Curry on him and he has shot creator and playmaker. Kerr is my coach. @DaNali

Damn, I need lockdown and don’t want playmaker.

I’m wondering if this is possible with D’Antoni lol.

Shot/Lock white Kobes + Casey.