Best shoe for PD Magic?

If you had to choose between a dunking or 3pt shoe which would you go with?

Jordan Super.Fly 5 (Red)
+9 Standing Layup
+9 Standing Dunk
+9 Driving Dunk
+9 Contact Dunk
+9 Stamina


Under Armour Curry 3
+9 Acceleration
+9 Contested 3
+9 Open 3
+9 Off Dribble 3
+9 Speed with Ball

Jordan shoe


I’m leaning that way myself. His 3pt stats are pretty decent compared to his dunking stats which are all at 80.

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Jordan super fly

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Yeah definitely go w/ the Jordan - Jimmy Snooka’s “The Super Fly”:upside_down_face:

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Definitely the Jordan’s. Other option if you had it that’s better is the yellow and purple kobe ADs

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Don’t have the yellow Kobe’s unfortunately so I’ll probably throw the red Jordan’s on him.


Magic’s not a shooter but he will make open three’s even without a shoe.

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Yeah I tested him out in freestyle and his jumper seems a lot better now compared to his Diamond.

2nd best option is Yellow Nikes. Any 3p shoe other than only Open3 boost is a huge waste on him which can also be done by silver shoes.

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If you’re trying to make Mt the curries, if you’re gonna use the card, the Jordans.

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I’m definitely keeping him. I’ve wanted this card since the day it was released!

Save those Curry’s for a PD wilt, kareem, Hakeem or Scottie pimpin

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Considered putting the Curry’s on Duncan or Dr. J but I do think there’s gonna be some great new cards dropping in the next week or 2 so I’ll wait a little longer before making my decision.

I have red Kyrie’s on Dr j. Thought the boost to ball control was more important than speed with ball and boy was I right. And definitely wait

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Hope I can pull some red Kyrie’s sometime soon. On PC because of all the bots ripping packs it seems like the odds of pulling Diamond Shoes are a lot better. Pulled 4 different shoes in the past week already.

I hate that you can’t sell shoes (except on PC I think)

PC is the same as consoles when it comes to selling Diamond Shoes and Contracts. The bots control the Diamond Contract market and Shoes never get posted.

That’s ridiculous

Didnt know there is a Jordan dunking shoe. Always thought there is only red adidas dunking shoe.