Best shoe for Opal DRAYMOND GREEN

I have heard a lot about this one card and decided to buy him and shoes are nice and cheap so I could use a hand on what would be best to apply to draymond and my coach is mike Malone btw

wilt needs ball handle and swb
worthy needs 3pt and swb so use gold hardens

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when I have worthy in game with coach and floor general then he has a 99 3 ball anyway and wilt doesn’t need that 3 ball boost?

the gold harden shoe for wilt, +3 to swb/bc/3pt

I put Lillards on Wilt for BC and SWB boost

the Lillard 3s? I grabbed one for low a while back and I been saving it.

A little bit off topic, but are the new FOG better for Bol Bol or still the Adidas Crazylights?

personally new FOGs look better

Bol Bol don’t need a 3pt boost, BC and SWB is best for him

Yup Lillards 3

im leaning towards those because it puts up everything he needs. good looks

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any help for worthy? he is good at everything. only thing he can improve on is swb and bc I guess

I put Lillards on both


im thinking thats the move as well because these cards are so stacked on stats as is especially a card like worthy. thank you sir

could use assistance with a new problem please lol

What’s that?

I need a shoe for my new draymond even tho I may sell him lol