Best shoe for opal AD

title states my question

Cp3s with D’antoni = Slash/Sharp


orange cp3, smme boosts as red kobe but +5 lateral quickness instead of pass perception

Opal AD with cp3s is a top 5 card at the 4

Isn’t naked AD there as well?

Sorry, poor sentence structure lol

AD w/ cp3s, when played at the 4, is a top 5 card in the game

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Fuck you. You’re gonna make my cop. I hate him but I have mt lol

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He’s my new starting 2/3 since I’m not paying 600k for PG13.

Buying him when KG drops and putting cp3s on him.

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Got him for 180


With shoe or contract? Or naked? Great price

Naked. Gonna get cp3


This man just hit a limitless fading 3 off dribble and then spin to 3…unreal lol

Does he come with that? I had to leave after I got him

Nah, but he does have DRD already

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Buying badges is the ultimate bitch the days

Yep buying consumables is total shit

Orange CP3s