Best shoe for Klay

I have no Idea of what to put in the shoe .
Please help me

I used SPD, STL, SWB, ACC, and Offensive Consistency.

Speed with ball, speed, acceleration, vertical, driving dunk.

i’d do the speed, sped w/ ball, draw foul, close shot, block.

trust me, klay gets more chase down blocks/ blocks from behind than you think. you will see these attributes stick out when you use him

Swb & draw foul are the top2 imo. Draw foul rating is more important this year cuz there are way too many blocks in the game. You may get away with 1 or 2.

I use coach Curry so I gave him plus 3 in dunk, speed, speed with ball, and acceleration. I gave him plus 4 in stamina because I want him on the court guarding the opposing PG AMAP.