Best shoe for GO Kat?

Title says it all. Just got beyond fed up with Eddy Curry to the point of almost breaking my controller. Already had Magic and Melo so figured why not sell Eddy and buy the rest of the collection in my rage, anyways I have KAT now and was wondering what you guys think is the best shoe for him? Thanks!

I’d put the black jordan 1 unions

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what did eddy do tho?

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This mf got a whole 2 rebounds in 3 games combined and just got dunked on like crazy. I got him when he first came out and hated him but I didn’t really have any other option, sold him a week ago, and just bought him back only for him to do that. I honestly think anybody who says Eddy compares to Shaq are just blinded, unless Shaq is that bad because Eddy is god awful.

man that sucks. I have no comments on shaq vs eddy bcos I’ve never used shaq. I love curry tho. he runs the floor. gets so many dunks. rebounding is ok I guess. but his shooting is other worldly. I play him at pf off the bench

The comparison shaq eddy is close because for rebounding you’re paying 800k more

I put the black fear of god