Best shoe for diamond peja?

Decided to pick him up and he’s been bombing it from deep. Love his shot. What shoe do you think is best?

For me, the most crucial thing I wanted with my Peja was a better speed with ball. Everything else was just a bonus.

I went with black Nikes for the lateral quickness and accel increase. Wanted to improve his defense. It also boosts his moving 3 which is great.

Grey Nike, moving3.

I was thinking about the red kyries that boost contested 3, swb, ball control, driving layup and defensive consistency.

Ball control/SWB seem like a bit of waste on Peja IMO. He tends to get all his shots offball for me. Not a ton of onball possessions for Peja, with all the other great players on my team (and I assume most teams with Peja).


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That is Nike too :innocent::sweat_smile:

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This. There was an identical thread a few days ago and this (Grey Jordan with moving 3) was the consensus best choice based on the boosts on paper and personal experience.