Best shoe for diamond Giannis

how much worse is the diamond compared to the pd and will a diamond shoe make it close? What shoe is best for him

White Kobes

wouldnt a shoe with speed with ball,passing, and contact dunk b better ?

I will be trying to figure this out soon as get home. Card is a must for budget ballers.

well i mean i have a stacked team with pd kd larry bird and magic johnson this is my team. I cant afford pd giannis tho so i thought diamond was worth it

Can’t afford Giannis but has 1.4m MT lol

I used orange and blue KDs for speed with ball and mid range.


are you on pc? add me on steam hoosiertailgate

whats he going for? i sold my pd for 2.2mil last week

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If you mean diamond Giannis I got him for 98k or so BIN. He’s probably cheaper now.

Same cheesy animations as the PDs though. I had moments PD, but sold because I didn’t feel he was worth the price tag.

sorry im on pc, i was responding to @rdubbz

Yeah I’m PC too. Surprised there were a few up for under 100k BIN.

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so according to this the cards are not that far apart


good thing i sold last weekend haha, pc market is crazy

@razzizle @rdubbz whats ur steam names? for some friendlies

Same as my username here


Went Purple Kyries with Coach Pop.

Makes him a 96 PD. (93 off, 97 def)

Gives him slashing/lock takeovers.

This card is my best player. His HOF One Man fastbreak badge stays on…pushing him to swb in the 90s.

In takeover and well before it hes at 98 speed, 99 lat quickness, 97 on ball defense. Oh my god I have a PD Giannis defensive killer for less than 100k.