Best shoe for diamond demar?

Looking to grab one with a diamond shoe.

Red kyries

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damn i want one so badly lol. Would probably replace my PD kobe.

Idk about that lol PD Kobe is a monster, only reason to replace him is to not get equalized

Pretty much my reasoning. I already have PD paul george, PD Julius Erving and PD Westbrook so I’m trying to add a few fun diamonds and amys to negate EQ a bit.

Then you are making a good choice

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How’s Westbrook? I’m planning on grabbing him soon.

Amazing, but if you’re playing against a taller point he gets wrecked

Definitely recommend. I loved his diamond card but his PD is so much smoother. He dunks on everyone and his mid and deep moving shot is butter. Love the card and I’m not planning on selling him anytime soon. His defence is also lock down and gets so many steals. Screw the LBJ/Giannis/Simmons cheesers. Heart over height baby!

I use 98 West and CP3. I only use shorter PG’s, and have no trouble defending taller guards given that my midgets have HoF DS and PP.

I have used all those cards you mentioned at PG and PD for me plays on a different level. His 98 was great but I feel like the PD just feels more consistent if that helps.

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How’s his HoF Limitless? Is it noticeable?

Jerry doesn’t have the badge, and CP3’s HoF Limitless doesn’t seem to work well for me.

His HOF seems pretty good to me. I’ve been able to time his moving shot 3 very consistently. If you add in a pick in there somewhere chances are you will get it in.

Are u on xbox ? I got one with grey kobes and a diamond contract. I also got an amy with kyries lol

I’m on PS4. I just picked one up with the grey kobes for 25k mt. Gna test him out.