Best shoe for diamond Bird?

Which shoe do you think is the most beneficial for him? The green adidas rebounding one?

Grey Kobe’s which boost BC, SwB, and speed.


It depends where you play him. At PF the adidas rebounding one, at SF a swb/speed shoe. I am playing him at PF.

I switched from a regular Larry to a Larry with that green adidas shoe and the difference is noticable. Besides better rebounding strength goes to 84 which is good defending post ups.

I intend to play him at the PF.

I would personally go with the grey Kobe’s no matter where he plays. The moving 3 boost along with the speed and ball control boosts are crucial.

But with that shoe his price is really high, right? I can only spare about 130-140k on him probably. So it’s either the regular one or with not a too OP of a shoe.

Larry is nearly at bin for some reason. With that shoe you still might be lucky. People just underestimate that card.

100% agreed.

A lot of prices have dropped. 97 Westbrooks sell for 100k also. Yesterday saw some going for BIN. AD can be had for 90k.

White Nike that boosts swb and driving layup.