Best shoe for curry?

He can wear any shoe

a dunking or lay up shoe no need to waste a three shoe.

He has 98 layup lmao.

Dunking is also useless.
55 or 60, same shit.

I’d actually go with pink adidas.
His fade animation is good and 75->80 difference is noticable.
90 in takeover.

99 steal and swb.

Other than that, silver/gold shoes that boost strength.

Lol you get where i was going i can almost guarantee some moron is going to put a white kobe ad on him.

Lol shake

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lol nah he knows better. People are crazy though.

Lol naw he will, watch lol

lol we’ll see.

Lol he pulled him in his most recent video, let’s wait for the gameplay tonight lol

south beach

99 shot close
99 spd/ball
99 pass accuracy
55 low post iq
40 post control

aesthetic & affordable

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Enjoy that playmaking takeover instead of sc if you get his passacc to 99.