Best shoe for Bron?

Red Kyries? I don’t think he needs a 3pt shoe

Foams + coach = 99 3pt lol

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Ball control i think

He prob needs the ball control more though. With red kyries and Dantoni he can speedboost I think

Damn the pgs up 3pt and ball control too no speed w ball though

Lol foams come with ball control

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White Kobe AD.

Open 3, Post Fade, Ball control, Accel, Steal

You’re welcome


Yea I didn’t realize that my fault but the red kyries got speed w ball. 80 speed w ball is a little on the slow side

Ball control and speed with ball

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Red kyries 100%

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Yes!!! Lebron at point! Finally!

I would add something that boosts driving dunk and ball control.

If they have a 86 3pt or higher I wouldn’t put a 3 point shoe. 86 is the magic number. I would do ball control.