Best shoe for Bird?

Loving his release. Help me love Bird even more. Cheers.

There’s only two diamond converses unfortunately

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Wish his Ball Control was 81 so a show can make him speed boost lol

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Damn… that’s so unfortunate. He’s crazy! I guess the shoe that gives him post fade wouldn’t be bad.

He can wear any shoe iirc


Oh shit. If this is true. Which shoe would you reco?

Red kyries and such, need higher moving 3 mostly.

The one that makes the most sense to me is the orange cp3. He needs bc, speed with ball, driving layup , contested 3 and lateral quickness. I might overwrite my current shoe just to add this one lmaoo.

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Yeah he can wear any shoe


Great I have this shoe saved up. I’m going to try him with it. Plus with Casey as my coach this should be lethal.

Yeah with Casey you get the boosts to mids and moving 3 too I think ? I use dantoni though even though I only get four boosts they are the best ones (speed, bc, driving layup, and open 3). And dantoni fits the rest of my players a little better.
Let me know how it works cause I’m considering adding this shoe to mine as well.

I got like 18 shoes and dont know what to do. Larry deserves a shoe. He shoots lights out with casey. No shoe yet

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Yes, Casey improves ball control, open 3, moving 3, open 2, moving 2, driving layup, and something else. And yah that shoe was amazing! Pulling up from all over lol. Def a good shoe!

Thats the coach and shoe combo im gonna use for diamond melo

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i made a whole list of what each coach upgrades its on a thread

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This is the shoe right here. Makes Bird a cheese god for 3 pt plays and you can run him as a secondary playmaker.

Shit my bad was just repeating what I read in another thread. Thought he was converse only . Gonna prob put another shoe on him then lol

Mines got the blue and white kds that boost speed and contested 3 and he’s a total beast with this shoe

Im thinking the gret jordan 12s. I picked some up last night in the ball drop. They fit the bill

I can’t wait to get diamond melo. I have 3 pairs of red kyries that I have saved up for him. How close are you to melo?