Best Shoe for bird at SF with dantoni?

Finally copped him, now I just wanna take care of him? Anyone have any recommendations ? If you know takeovers that’s cool too, but I play pretty balanced so I don’t get them too often.

If he’s not gonna be dribbling the ball a lot, any speed shoe would work best.

Last year I used him at the 4 and with the grey and yellows he was an ankle breaker. This year idk .

Dantoni gives me plus 4 speed already , it would help him come off screens faster and defensively

I’d probably say speed either way. I had a speed with ball shoe on mine but he still felt kinda slow with the ball. There’s tons of speed shoes though so it all comes down to which one you think looks nice.

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Ah I feel you, basically he’s gonna be slow with the ball with or without boost so should probably go for speed.

I got the pink adidas on him to boost post fade and swb. His 3 point ratings are so high and d’antoni will max out his open 3, 3 point shoes will be wasted.

Lebron south beach also good to for swb and post control if you’re using him at the 4 and will post a lot.

The Lillards are also good if you run plays and want to boost his speed

I use speed/dunk jordans. he got posterizer and yams it and 97 speed with mike d. I play him mostly off ball cuz i got oscar and kd but use orange cp3s or red kyries/kobes if youre gonna use him as a primary ballhandler

Orange cp3’s

99 Contested Three
91 Ball Control
90 Speed With Ball
99 Lateral Quickness
99 Driving Layup

Thanks for all the help guys, went with the white Jordan 31s.


I’m running mine with red Kyries

Love him

I don’t just shoot 3s he can score from anywhere