Best shoe for AK47?

What diamond shoe do you guys think will benefit him the most?

If you run kerr or d antoni, maybe kyries or kobes? If theres a combination of dunk and swb it probably be best or the kyries for contested 3/
Ball control/speed. Which will give him a 98 speed with kerr. Im 60 cards and struggling to find those cards lol

Yuk what’s your squad looking like?

I’m almost done with all time dominaion and had 1200 tokens from locking in rewards so that helped get me extra players unlocking ps market but it’s a pain in the ass.

Nothing too crazy bro, almost done with all time dom, once I finish I’ll have pd Duncan. Obviously got all diamonds and just got ak. Dom grind sucks lol.

u should have almost enough for 2 PDs. I got all the collections locked too. Almost done with 2nd domination

Bump which shoe would you guys recommend?

508 yea I got 120 tokens towards Duncan and 10 games left in all time