Best shoe for 98 KD

What you guys using? Is there a shoe that boosts post fade besides the open 3 shoe?

I really want to buy him back, but I ran red Kyries on mine and loved him

You talking playoff one ?

yea the newest one. I keep upgrading him, cant wait for the opal

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White Kobes
Since He can’t Wear Pink Adidas

Just sold mine this morning. Really hope they release a GO one with HOF defensive stopper and better strength. Still one of the best offensive cards but have so many locked-in and reward cards that I will use them and sold while value still decent until a GO is hopefully released.

How much did you get for him?

I sniped him for 100k last week with foamposites . Used him in tto for a week and he was deadly.

Decided to sell him today in preparation for next week and potential opals like lebron or Kobe. Ended up getting 310k… I think I did well?

Foams are def great shoe for this kd

285k with white/blue KDs.

Is the playoff version soft? Because the Anniversary is soft as shit. I love that card but the dude just doesn’t finish at times.