Best Shoe AD?

I’m thinking red kyries?

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I want the red kobes, but only if it gives him the sharp takeover

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what does that boost again? I know its the same as the kyrie with the exception on one stat.

Kobe Ad mid make him 99 3 ball with coach

Contested three boost would be better. Even light contest counts.


The red kobes have +5 swb, BC, 3 point contested, driving layup, and pass perception I believe


White kobes + dantoni

Sharp/glass takeover

Yes, and Kyrie has defense consistency. The only difference in the 2 shoes.


I went with white/blue KDs. 94/93 open and contested 3, 99 draw foul, 99 shot contest with 96 speed and slasher/glass cleaner. Good enough for me


I don’t want glass. I want Sharp and Slasher.

I don’t think that’s possible


Glass cleaner sucks ass. Lol

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Dont think its possible to get the glass out. I could be wromg but its a 97

People keep out outbidding me at 400 k I’m sick rn :weary:, but when I finally land the big guy … white AD’s. Is what I’m thinking boys

GO Wilt has slasher/glass and I hate it. Idk why he doesn’t have post. I put foams on him for 3 boost though.

Fuck it…I have a pair of white Kobe AD that I was saving anyway.

90 open 3 should be fine. hes not steph. I think the contested is more important to get him over the 90 threshold plus it will boost his ball control. I have Kerr as well so hell be a mid 70s bc.

Hate I got to waste a 3pt shoe on a player that don’t even need it just to get sharp takeover :man_facepalming:t5:

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Got to use it to get sharp takeover.

90 3 wont get him the sharp takeover?