Best sg under 200k?

What are some good shooting guards under 200k? Also what sg do you recommend running aside J.R. Smith at pg?

Klay but don’t run JR at Pg :pensive: waste of potential imo. Both are best at SG.

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Idk about console prices but Klay is dirt cheap on PC so I would assume he’s under 200 on your system. He’s the best 2 in the game, unless you specifically need someone to carry you with Iso scoring.

Derozan :sweat_smile:

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If I run him at sg, what are some good pg options

Henny God

Oscar is cheaper today. Wes is nuts for the price.

I’ve been running Wes at the 2 and jr at the 1. Will make the switch. If you had any advice for my team that would be greatly appreciated. Also trying to find a backup PF other than thurl Bailey, RoCo, and elvin Hayes.

if you have the time, try to get mel daniels from triple threat offline. He is a pretty good 4 and doesn’t cost you anything.

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I tried. Went through 35 games and didn’t see him or Rudy.

are you aware of the technique that allows you to open the vault almost every time?


Porzingis is the guy you need. Pd will do the job if you re short on mt. You basically need a bit more height & size on that squad. Imo you should sell that PG13 while he can get you some more mt, use diamond Batum there. Also Pd Radja is great, you can switch Cousins to PF.

If i were you i would sell your jr and use a low overall team to go 12-0 so you can get rice.

Yes, I do the one were u drag it down diagonally two times then open it. I actually saw it on 2kG. I opened the vault probably 60% of the time.

Wow, thats some bad luck then. I got rudy and mel the day they came out using it.

i saw so many “method” here lately… which one are we talking about now?

I usually run a 5 man that gives me pretty good matchups. I go 9-0 then lose to someone who is better than me that uses all Amy and diamond cards

Is it better to sell cards around 11am or 11pm?