Best sg for buy now

who’s the best sg that is available buy now


landry fields is so good 16k at amy. qfs, clamps, and re on gold


Besides t-Mac?

i did say buy now

Eddie Johnson is rated pretty highly by a lot of guys. I haven’t used him myself but a lot of the forum rate him.


Pd Eric Gordon is pretty nice

Amethyst Shumpert seems to be great value for money as well.


Oh my bad. Probably Vince or demar. What to see Middleton is a sg

Marcus Smart easily. Vince is great, but Marcus Smart for 50k less is a steal. Pun intended.





Vince is a walking bucket w juiced defense. Like the others said marcus smart got the d and a wet release.

How about granger

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Eddie Johnson, Derozan, Granger (in this order)

Unless you look for a main slasher Marcus Smart is a nobrainer. For the price he is going for he is great. Bulky body, butter release, godly defense and can actuallu posterize here and there.

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All these guys suggesting 6’3 Marcus Smart or 4 HoF badges Eddie Johnson as SG must be playing rookie dom with quick thru STS.

If I couldnt go with GO Ray, GO Roy, PD Tmac, PD Drexler, I’d go with PD Kawhi (little above 100k) or Diamond Kobe/PD Derozan.


That is available buy now

Of all the cards you listed DeMar is the only one that is BIN

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I Guess that new D Buddy Hield must be good and around 30k


Dont take me wrong but you just show yourself as a meta slave iso/5 out player which is worse than what you implement that we are. I play mtu and tto and i play simulation with freelances and plays and also switch all defence. Smart does everthing i need from him for the price when i use my meh squad. No matter what everyone says height isnt everything on pg and sg but the defensive stats and strength. Names like Walt, Smart and alikes can hold their own even in the post against like Ben Simmons as long as you know what you are doing.