Best sg for 200k

i have pd vice currently, but i’m not a huge fan. i also have clyde of the bence

Sell Vince for PD Wade or D Tmac

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i had wade, didnt like him much

Honestly I would go with Brandon Roy or Clyde Drexler.

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200k isn’t enough buy that t Mac is my favorite card in the game by far


sell clyde get bird

this is my team if it helps

Yeah if you’re alright with out of position players Larry Bird, Tatum, Paul george, KD can all move to sg

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Any of those three of Roy, Clyde, or T-Mac are great picks

Greg oden

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AS kuzma, best sg in the game if you ask me

I just tried him. His shot kind of sucks…I was expecting better considering how everyone loves him.