Best SG build?

Copped 2k recently cause its on sale. So many build options I don’t want to make the wrong decision.

So far I like the looks of a 6’6" SG pure shot creator or Sharpshooting shot creator. Can’t decide which I like more.

What build do you scorers use at SG?
This site really helps when trying to look at the pros and cons of each build you’re considering.

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dope thank u

No problem.

6’6 Pure Lockdown
6’6-8 Pure Sharp
6’6 Sharpshooting Playmaker

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I have a 6’5 shot creating sharp, but you can’t go wrong with the reverse build

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I fucking love and destroy fools with my 6’7 sharp primary shot creator secondary. Beastly build but it’s best use is as an off ball player with playmaker you know and trust. So go shot primary if you don’t have a playmaker and will have ball in hand more.

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6’8 pure creator