Best sf/pf out of the 4?

tis szn bron
tis szn kd
go pg
go kawhi

they all within 160k which is my budget, pros and cons if you guys tried these 4 would be great ty


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have you tried others or just bron that good to you, didn’t have to

Depends really what your team is looking like and what you need out of your SF (I assume you’ll run these cards there?). Some would argue that Joe Smith is better than some on that list or is just that much cheaper and really good. He moves better than PG but doesn’t have range. Also, Odom on offense is pretty insane. He just doesn’t have the defensive badges.

Joe smith card is pretty nasty this year they redid his shot and he is very big and very fast

side note: Joe Smith has got a dynamic duo with the Shades Of Latrell Sprewell, and I heard you don’t have to keep both players on the court in order for the duo to work (don’t know if it’s true though)

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only thought about kawhi pg bron cuz they so amazing defensively.

Have you tried Bailey Howell. Somehow he does everything for me. I don’t even have to try, very good card.

I think Bron is in a tier of his own out of those 4. After that the drop off in value is big.

Like some have said, there are prob better options for cheaper after LBJ.

I would take Bailey Howell, Joe Smith (I am really impressed with him), Cinci Powell, Odom or even the Luna agendas Marion and Nance.

Agree with Joe Smith and Bailey. Love using them both.
However, would also consider PD Artest. After all of these months, he still is my favorite card. I found a cheap one with extra HOF shooting badges and he is just amazing.

What’s good about Ron I’m looking for a good pf?

Ron is a SF/SG
best PF in the game is Bob Netolicky

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I haven’t used him yet but try grabbing that new Mel Daniels from the LNY agendas. His tendencies are godly

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