Best SF for under 10k?

Looking for a very budget SF that I can run off the bench for KD. Preferably 3 and D

ruby lebron

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How much is Diamond Marcus Morris going for?

I think like 20k but not sure

amy deng is a good one

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Jonathan Isaacs. poor man’s Giannis.

Deng, Redd, PJ Tucker, Battier, OG Anunoby. Maybe amy Jaylen also cheap thanks to his diamond.

Redd is really good but undersized for a 3. Amy deng, jaylen. Ruby Darius Miles seems like a gem, haven’t used him though

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Is PJ tucker good do you know?

Anyone have any suggestions with my bench? So far I’m undefeated in 8 games since putting this team together but not completely satisfied with the bench. Only have 20k plus the value of my players too and I like using cheap amys or rubies on the bench

I’m telling you Jonathan Isaacs. not a deadly 3 point shooter but he can hit them. lock down d and can grab rebounds and take it to the hole.


I’ll give him a try thanks man