Best Sets To Lock-In / Which ones worth?

Guys since today we completed one I wanna know what are the best sets to lock in? Who is worth the ultimate go?

Kareem of course from showtime

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Kareem is probably the only one that’s actually worth it to lock in, but if you have all the OOP2 players then Isaac is really good.




Next for sure is the best set to lock at this point

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Really? Lamelo and Wiseman are 100% endgame cards, and Edwards and Hampton are slightly worse versions of DWade and TMac so you’ll for sure use the cards in the set. The only problem with it is the lock in reward. I’ve tried that Zion and he’s good I guess. I wouldn’t put him above KD, TMac, Lamelo, or Isaac so idk if it’s worth locking in. Maybe I just haven’t used him enough and he’s better than I think he is.

Edwards is better than Wade and Glen, but I agree with the Hampton point. And I’m trying Zion now and he’s just… different

He’s the only player in the game that gets some of these wild animations. I wasn’t planning on selling Lamelo or Wiseman ever and I don’t need the MT like that so the lock for me was a no brainer


If I had to rank them:

  1. NEXT Promo (Not that Zion is amazing which he is but more so LaMelo, Wiseman and Edwards should be on your team)

  2. OOP 2 (Just lock it if you commit to never selling KD. Him and Isaac are as end game as it will get. AK47 and Bill you might find use for as well)

  3. Showtime (Window may be closed depending on Rashards price. I bought him for 1.8 Million day 1. Right now hes 1.8 Million with 40 minutes left.

  4. Takeover (Same as Showtime the window may be closed Giannis is 1.7 with 3 minutes left) No point in locking now though we have cards better than Pippen.

So its basically NEXT/OOP 2 or bust.


Can’t go wrong with Isaac. Insane PG that also comes with KD and a bunch of usable cards.


I locked the shit and completely forgot to mention OOP 2 lol

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So you think Kareem doesn’t worth locking in behind oop2 and next ? Or is it too late now since Rashard is too expensive now?

OOP 2 is probably the best set to lock in. KD is a top guard in the game, Isaac is one of the best defensive cards in the game, and AK/Russell are usable cheap bigs.

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Showtime for sure Kareeem is amazing best Card in the Game

Oop is pretty awesome, I would lock Kareem if I had enough too