Best Sapphire Rewards?

Hello i am going to be opening the sapphire market today and wondering who are the ballers?
I am new to 2k gamer but have been reading the forum for about a year. This is my current lineup.

E: D Russell
E: Mo Peterson
S: Lebron
S: Giannis
E: Tree Rollins

E: Jay Williams
E: Courtney Lee
E: Dennis Scott
E Shawn Marion
E: Kevin Willis

Jared Jefferies, shump, Cedric ceballos, manute bol, shawn bradley

Shumper is insanely good can play 1/2 and even some 3. AMAZING D, great free badges, great at slashing and dunking, good playmaker, can even shoot, great all around card.

Yea shump feels like a ruby to me lol.

Gar Heard is a beast at the rim, Bol Shump and Elie are great too

Appreciate it guys

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