Best Saph Rewards Center?

Having a very tough time deciding between Raef Lafrentz, McGee, Muresan and Mutombo. All have their strengths and weakness. Diesel will remain starting C but bench C is Bradley and I have yet to use him in a game. Any opinions?

I would go with Raef just because he stands out for shooting.

Otherwise there’s other guys who are alternates for the others.

Raef ought to be a real horror on D, though.

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Javale a.k.a. Lob city God

Depends how u play but i would go la frentz. A centre with 3 pt plays is a good bonus, plus he has a bit of speed aswell. I thought mutombo and javale would be quick

Lafrentz if your PF cant shoot. Mutombo if he can

Running with Blake. He can “shoot.” 78 three and non existent middie but he’s an absolute brick for me. Beast of a dunker tho

I guess it comes down to how you play really. Do you want shooting? Go with Raef. Defence? Mutumbo. Athletic rim runner? JaVale

I was gonna go with La Frentz for sure but my fear was that he’d be a liability in terms of rebounding, post defense and rim protection

No love for Muresan? Everyone loves Bradley. And yea I guess my main priority would be rim protection and rebounding so Mutombo appears to be the move

Why not use SA Gobert instead of Mutombo?

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Compared all 4 and McGee appears to be close comparable to the field in every category with a massive advantage in speed and driving dunk so I’m gonna go with him. Thanks for the help guys

Didn’t include La Frentz I replaced him with Gobert since shooting is broken beyond belief