Best Ruby token Reward card?

I’m at the Ruby market and I was curious what you guys think would be the best pick up to start looking for wings and guards atm. Quentin Richardson is always a beast every year. I was eyeing him.

Ray Allen is a walking bucket.

Shareef Abdur-Rahim is a good post scorer and shooter.

Corey Maggette is a good slasher who can shoot too.

Horace Grant is a rebounding machine.

These are the only 4 I’ve used a lot tbh

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Thanks for the input man. How is Ray’s release this year?

Vastly improved. I hated his release in previous 2k’s but this year he seems very smooth and greens a lot

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Ray is a great 3 pt shooter. Richardson is an awesome a wing defender. Everyone else seems avg to me.

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U see this gotta try Allan Houston lol



Allan is always butter.

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I picked up Ray first and Leandro Barbosa second. Barbosa is fast as hell (92 swb, acceleration, speed) and has a fast release with a high 3 point shot.

Cmon bruh. Don’t disrespect Captain Barbosa like that. He’s the fastest card in the game at 96 speed, SWB and acceleration and he’s a walking bucket


Ray Allen and Leandro barbosa

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For TT grinding, Barbosa no question.

For online or domination , etc., Swen Nater

Ray Allen as honorable mention but he doesn’t hit shots for me

And that sexy gold downhill :drooling_face:

Ray Allen=one of the best shooters in the game at any level

Corey Maggette=versatile 3&D, shoots and finishes well

Leandro Barbosa= lightning on the court, blows by defenders with ease. His jumper is pretty slow

Shareef Abdur Raheem=serious clamps at the 4, finishes well and has a nice 3 ball if you play a spread out offense

HUGE fan of Rod Strickland. His dribbling is insane and he finishes at the rim better than anyone I’ve used with his hof acrobat. Gets a crazy amount of steals on defense too.

Ray Allen is really good this year with his improved shot.

Antoine Walker is surprising solid and holds his own despite being a little short.

Michael Ray Richardson is exactly what he looks like- great on defense and pretty solid on offense (has a great moving crossover)

I liked Shawn Marion and Larry Kenon more than Corey Maggette personally. They felt wayyyy better on defense, Marion has a solid 3 point as well with good rebounding from rebound chaser. Kenon is great at slashing, rebounding, and defense and always seemed to be ahead of everyone on the fast break and has a super tall player model.

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Ray Allen, Mikey Ray or Kenon imo … Depending what your team needs.

Ray obviously has the shooting. His release is finally as buttery as his irl.

Mikey Ray is a walking double-double… For assists and steals lol. He’s getting cookies all game.

Kenon is just an overall beast. His stats don’t accurately reflect how well he plays in game. Huge model, great slashing and a respectable jumper. I love em

Antoine Walker is the best for me… He has the skills of a SF in a PF body