Best ruby reward

Hello guys I finally reached ruby tier. I have only 12 tokens to buy a ruby player. Which one should I go for ? I see a lot of people running pipoen at PG.

Eddie jones’ then Rider’ then pippen’ then richmond

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This dude is trippin go ahead & get Pippen don’t get caught slippin



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imo Eddie or Mitch, then Rider or Pippen

Thunder Dan!


Relax you will get all of them. My fave by far tho by unpopular opinion is David Wesley. Greens for days. Also mitch the glitch. He plays way above his stats


Really depends on what your missing in your lineup. Shooting? Mitch. Point forward ? Pippen. 3 and d, Jones. Rider is money too but for 4K you can pickup Paul George now lol

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eddie is an all around weapon for me, dom/tto he does it all

I run triangle offense and Pippen has been a BEAST for me!

Jones. Run him at PG

Pippen or eddie

Scorer: Mitch / All around: Pippen / 3&D: Eddie

Pippen is GOD. I got 5 PD’s and he still makes my lineup.

Thunder Dan is the best 3&D in the game imo, very similar to Klay, better defense, but slower release.

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I’m saying. All these people saying 3 and D and Eddie is the only one they mention when Dan is better at both! And he has better 3 point plays!


Eddie - Pippen - Mitch - Rider - Goodrich - Hawkins . In that order.

I’m foreal copping mugsy though for the lols

Already got Ty and he’s pretty close.

So far I have Dan, Art, Scottie, Eddie, Ty

For my last 5 I’m thinking Mugs, Elton, Mitch, Rodman, Gail

I’m choosing between Thuder Dan and Eddie Jones for my spot up shooting guard.

Team Dan. Don’t let the lack of support he gets on here full you. I have both and if you’re in the market for a sniper with lock down defense it’s Dan. Like I said already he even has better plays that Eddie

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