Best releases in the game

i’m making a card in mycareer in the next few days so that i can get a cheesy card for myteam and i wanted to know what animations are best the best basic animations. (jumpshots, dribble moves, anything else i should equip that is free)

Right now I find Trey Burke base best. Dribbles are all pro moves that require 85 ball handle so would cost VC to unlock those. Long athlete layups important but again, require 70 driving layup which will cost. You won’t be able to make anything cheesy without dropping solid VC onto the player unfortunately

Allan Houston for me so far

how much does trey burke release cost. i was thinking of getting the normal 2 btb cos it’s the cheesy giannis one. are there any decent normal crossovers like the wiseman tween from last year. also is stuff like hesi’s and other animations important for a myteam card

edit: also how much does long athlete cost

Tony Parker is wet. I’m shooting like it’s 2k20

Any suggestions for a point guard build?

Burke is free, long athlete I can’t remember but it would be under 1000 VC for the actual package, but you’d need to upgrade your layup to 70 which would cost more. Also hop steps are broken without fancy footwork so unless your card has that don’t even bother

ok thanks. my friend told me to use trey burke base and rudy gay upper and he told me the best normal animations

Sounds like he watched agent 0 latest video, that’s how jumper. I agree it’s good. I was using Burke base since yesterday, gay release always good too

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I adored Allan’s release irl, it’s so nice to seem him effective in game this year. Using op release not named Tmac is a nice change tbh. His release is: Lower Ray Allen - upper Klay.

Best release in the game is Tony Parker. It’s a glitchy js like 98,38 last year