Best Rebounding and D Center

Tried a few centers, currently have PD Duncan started but I feel like he gets bullied on the boards sometimes. I was thinking about Towns or Davis at C, Amy other recommendations?





Yeah Wilt is the best glass cleaner I’ve used this year.

Wilt and hakeem are the best centers in the game you cant go wrong with either of them

Wilt > Hakeem on boards and it’s not close

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Nah its Hakeem>Wilt>Kareem

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Idk what Hakeem you have but after 100 games he’s still under 5 a game for me lol

Maybe mine is boosted or yours is nerfed but hakeem is still the Best Defensive Center IMO

Depends on MT. Diamond Dwight is nice

Diamond Wilt is under 60k right now…makes No sense. Go…buy…now.

Hakeem > Wilt at everything else


Diamond Mutumbo with speed shoe is a monster underrated if you ask me. Can hold Giannis has 99 on ball D. He’s great if you only look to your center for D as rebounding and a occasional dunk. 7’2 height he grabs a lot of offensive rebounds I can’t say enough I’m 12- 1 this season with him he’s a keeper with that shoe. I don’t shoot 3s with my center wish his steal was higher but he steals at a higher clip than his rating.

Agreed with dikembe he’s really good as a budget option

Wilt. He’s the best Center by far, don’t listen to that Hakeem shit. Duo him with Barry and get him with an orange adidas speed shoe - 99 speed/accel/LQ and 85 3 ball.

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He’s such a glitch with this shoe you don’t even have to try and he scores 20 points a game just from being wide open in transition.

That’s the thing right there - You can go from being wildly out of position, to contesting/blocking a shot, to outrunning everyone on the fastbreak in one sequence with Wilt. It’s like playing NBA Jam with him, almost.

I think Barry is actually pretty decent, too. Lacking in HoF badging but otherwise a very solid wing who can play two fine and also could do okay at 4, depending on matchup.

Kareem is great too.