Best rebounder in the game?

Looking for the best rebounding card to use.

PD Hakeem has been snagging for me since I picked him up. Kareem also killed it on the boards for me.

No one, because ruby Zinger/ Bol will box you out every possession.


PD wilt released in next week.

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Amy Deandre


I think Timmy is better than KAT on offensive rebound. Timmy average 4 offensive reb and KAT 1.4

No card can avg 4.0 offensive rebounds online 15+ games unless u keep him in the court full time lol.
10 min rotation, 2.5 is tops and 1.5-2 means he is a good rebounder :slight_smile:

I’m sorry , the stats from my games with all-time team. haha . And yea, I keep him in the court full time.
Timmy 4 offensive rebounds and 7.6 defensive. KAT 1.4 offensive and around 8 defensive.

Gobert, but he doesn’t do much else.

This is my Wilt, I feel I don’t utilise him enough on offense especially since he has blue Jordan’s and run the duo. But for all those who want to know who’s worth getting, this should make your mind up defensively.