Best possible defensive build

I’m looking to make a build with around 30 defensive badges. I want to be very versatile, guard 1-5, and have contact dunks. Any suggestions on a build/and or position

The only way to get 30 defensive badges is to only use the primary red chart. You be able to get contact dunks with 1-3 but won’t really be versatile only having defense and dunks.

only way to get 30 is pure red but it really limits you offensively i’d recommend red/yellow. you can still guard 1-5 with 20+ defensive badges and bring shooting and much more offensively.

Comp stage player have one with 30 defensive I think , and like 3 shooting and they green from the corner without QD with 38

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That’s wild.

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yeah you really have to know your shot I have a red/blue finisher build with 7 shooting and can shoot around 40-50% from the corner it’s just really hard and if you go cold in a game it’s really tough to find it.

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Those guys play this game all day :joy:but they really consistent from the corner I think they have like silver corner and HTZ

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fr lol reminds me of the lockdowns from last year

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Sf, full red, 6’7-9

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My lock is the finisher with slashing takeover … boy is a goddamn demon but it’s a red/blue sf not pure red. Also not ideal to guard an elite PG, it’s more of a big man — if you want to guard guards also you need that high speed/accel/LQ to keep up

But I highly recommend my finisher build, I’ll remake it on legend with a 3 pt shot bc rn I only got a mid with 1 badge but it’s pure green w 38

tough not to be a liability on offense so unless you are elite at defense and can wreak havok I don’t know if I’d do a pure defensive build

I won’t do a pure defensive build. Better do a rebounding wing or a 2way finisher, so red and green or red and blue. You won’t have ball handling but you can defend 1-5 and have hof shoot or conclusion.
My friend did a red/green build, with also playmaking. That a very good build ‘cause he can do it all, he also gets 70 ball handling at 96/97 I think.

If you’re elite at the game you can go pure red and green corner threes even with a 49 attribute. Silver corner bronze HZH.

The pure red is a demon, he’s fast as shit and dunks like it had hof finishing.

If you’re not able to green with a 49 three make it yellow/red so you get a 65 three more or less or green/red, but you’ll need to be shorter if you want to keep speed, because the green pie makes you slow.

Blue/red doesn’t make any sense, it’s just a weaker pure red imo.

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Yes I tried my to do one, agree with you. Red/blue is not very good. Better red, red/green or red/yellow. Depends on what type of player someone want to have.

Yeah I did a pure red shooting guard and I’m able to green from corner with a 50. I have 8 shooting badges or something. It’s a demon on defense though

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Another Xbox one :sob:no p4 here

Yeah switched a couple years back because no one from my school had it