Best possible back court?

What is the ideal back court that is currently available? Currently running magic/PG/giannis. Had picked up Kobe but sad to say he’s not worth locking up damn near 500k MT. Once he sells this afternoon I will be looking for some new wing players. Help me out guys.

What’s your style of play, isolation, post up, running plays for shooters or getting good post positions to score or pick and roll

Post up/running plays gets me my buckets most reliably. I had klay holding down the 2 spot but got bored of his one dimensional game.

Giannis & PD KD

I been running the triangle offense with

  1. T Mac

  2. Klay


Giannis Post up and run flares and doubles til any 1 is free

Tatum > Kd


Oh my sweet summer child

Idk honestly, u might already have the best possible backcourt, if want a challenge tho, I would say Gilbert, Super harden and tatum, all hof limitless, switch it up

Atleast till the real PD kd drops anyway lol

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All-Star Magic/PD JR.

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Fixed it.

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I think the account is at like 515 tokens. Almost there.

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You’ll love it, the card is Amazing.

You think so?? Was considering Tatum but wasn’t sure

Giannis/KD MVP


almost identical ratings. Tatum got alot better vert, post fade and hof badges, less defense tho

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