Best point guard

If u has the dark matter lebron would you sell him and get Simmons? Or would you keep him? I pulled brim a couple days ago but idk if I want to sell or keep him

It’s all preference, if you like Lebron, keep him, if you like Simmons more, sell Lebron and use Simmons.

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Yeah I might just use lebron

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Trust me

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I just use Smith bird and v

Batum is a good option as well. He’s 6’9 (and he looks 6’9, not one of the small body models), he can Curry on both gens, great stats and badges.

Illuminating… wise words of wisdom. I bet he never contemplated that thought :roll_eyes:

First post and you’re coming at me for speaking facts???

Too many people are worried about other people’s opinions. DBG and Tydebo could say Demarcus Cousins is the best point card in the game and 80% of this community would just parrot them. It’s important to make your own opinions in this game. A lot of people never gave DM Ja Morant a chance but @mattpoz used him and liked him. This game is about using who you like, not using who the community tells you to use or who is “meta.”

Also, welcome. :roll_eyes:


I can tell this man gonna get on my nerves quick haha. You’re right though, for me it’s all bout the entertainment of a card. Morant was really good; ran my squad for a week or so

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You’re saying self explanatory “facts” can we for once give an actual detailed breakdown on the players with there strengths & weaknesses, Literally all anyone says is it’s all preference which is only stating the obvious. Don’t take it personal cupcake

I do get what you mean, but let’s be real. All cards are copy & paste. Hence the “preference” part.


It’s the endgame, cards don’t have weaknesses. It’s literally preference…



Cards don’t wake weakness’s?!?! Ok buddy you’re right every card is impeccable and there’s nothing wrong with any of them.

He’s honestly right. Every card nowadays has all needed HOF badges, Curry slide, pro 1 or pro 3 BTB… it’s preference on jumper

Okay “buddy” what are Ben Simmon’s weaknesses?

How about Lebron’s?

Haven’t played with either I’m a nooblet :100: ain’t going to lie but pretty sure just heard a post complaining about Ben and his stutter while trying to go full speed with the ball

I see people complaining about something everyday on here it’s truly redundant

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Y’all started a whole argument in my post lol😂 I’m keeping bron bron bro

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Complaining about complaining. How ironic.