Best point guard in game right now, who yall take?

Best point guard in game right now, who yall take?


Or someone else. Who do you feel is best point guard in the game (all around, not just one certain aspect)?

Used all but Oscar, by far Magic. Magic is consistent is hella fast. Ben’s shot was inconsistent and didn’t have the elusiveness of Magic.

I use PD Magic (just being cheap) and hes behind the back…he moves like a yoyo stick in there its impossible for some people to contain him in 5 out setup, a lot of people are hopeless stopping him.


Lebron but I’m bias

Simmons > Magic > Oscar > Giannis. I don’t think Giannis is bad at all, I just think he’s better at PF. Lebron’s a poo poo layup machine


On offense I take Opal Lavine over all those guys

If we’re talking strictly offense, I’ll call your Lavine and raise you an Opal Harden.

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I only used Ben, Giannis and Lebron I used PD Magic wasn’t a fan of his release. I like em all. Giannis the better rim runner and Lebron the better shooter. They all tire out quick when you dribble too much with them.

Harden probably in theory. I haven’t used him. But I have used everyone listed besides Oscar and Lavine is the best offensively

Harden pink diamond PG was one of the best offensive cards because of his animations just was trash on defense but Opal Harden juiced with HOF Clamps. Most likely be the best PG when more people get him.

Opal Wade>>>>


Opal Wade is in contention. I run him at the 2, but he might be the best card in the game period.

Opal Lavine is a dog. I agree I prefer him over the giant PGs

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Opal wade is better than all them for the way I play

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pd wade bc i cant get the opal

Ai is a beast too if only talking offence, so fast and crams on people a lot

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I’ll let you know how he is. I’m almost there. I was going to play him over Oscar but it took 1 game with Oscar to impress me. I last used his juiced card in 2k17 when he wasnt a great dunker but this one is completely different and that jumper is wet af

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Magic. But have to tried Oscar

Been using Magic and Ben next to each other. Give me Ben all day as long as he’s evolved. With the meter off it’s just too devastating to be able to drop limitless 3s. Better dunking than Magic too.

You can still dribble with Ben it’s just easier with Magic, but not enough of a difference to go with a guy who lays everything up at the rim and has a (imo) trash jumper with no HOF range extender.


Michell ppg 20 only 10 min