Best plays to run out of the Warriors playbook?

going back to it. calling plays is working for me know Haha. Advice appreciated. I also have the bucks if wants to chime in on that too. thanks fellas.

Here Bro From @RawCP3


Thank You.

You’re Welcome.

My Favorite.

Punch Loop 25 (Call it From the PF or Center)
Quick 2 Zip Hammer (Call it From SG)
Fist 91 (Shooting BIg)

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Punch loop runs through center or PF no wonder I couldn’t find it :sweat_smile:


Hahaha yes bro. PF or Center.

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Damn my stupid ass was trying to find it in Klays plays

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Give 42 Punch. sets you up with a nice elbow iso at first and a great play. Punch Flex for guard, but I use it cuz it gets PFs open for 3


I have yet to master the other plays so far I can use 4-5 plays and mix it up.

Punch 23 flex is so good for PFs that don’t have 3 pt plays! Randomly found it while trying to get Ralph some 3s. Weird that a guard post up play has a PF flare to the 3 though. I wonder how many other plays have stuff like that


Quick 2 zip hammer has been beaten to death but still one of the best plays along with Punch Loop 25. It’s almost guarantee open 3 every time with these 2 plays if you keep going down the branches.

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I use to run this for Dirk cuz his lack of 3pt plays


Punch Loop 25 with Wilt and Timmy guaranteed open 3

Quick 2 zip hammer, quick 2 circle, give 42 punch, cut 15 horns alley, zipper 23 flare


That’s a lot of gold in a thread. :wink:

The new AD (well old ones tho, but you get the idea) will have cutter plays, that cut 15 horns alley play is savagery.

Whats good about it, and quick 2 circle is that it takes 8 sec to set up both plays, if you dont get open can repeat or switch the action.

It is called punch, ofc it runs through players with low post up plays.