Best Players with 3PT plays?

Looking for players to use with this Magic playbook.

Bird, KD

If u look on 2kmtc they list if the player has 3pt plays or not

I’ll add Klay to that list


Itll be under plays. Magic doesnt run 3pt plays. But if he did it would say 3pt plays under it.

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So does this mean he can run any 3 point play from any playbook?

Well magic cant. But i know durant has 3pt plays. So yes. As long as the playbook has 3pt plays then he should be able to run all the 3 pt plays in your corresponding playbook. No matter what position u play them at

ok cool man

I hope that helps ! Before u buy a player check what kinda plays they can run especially if u want to use them as a 3pt specialist.