Best players who haven’t been on a 2k cover

Saw this today and thought it could be a cool talking point here.

Who do you all think is most deserving?

Out of these guys, Melo and VC. Others are inactive and irrelevant at this point. Russ is definitely a popular player but he has this aura about him that while an insane athlete, he’s not really a good player. CP3 should have a cover although I think he has had it, no?

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Tim Duncan extremely unlucky. Kareem n Dirk just got a cover next cycle so Duncan is definitely a chance down the track.

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According to 2k tacko fall ,bol bol , isaac bonga Danny ferry haven’t been on a cover and they’re gods on 2k :joy:

A lot of these guys also got NBA LIVE covers in their primes too. But here’s the truth: Duncan won’t sell copies. Nash won’t sell copies, Truth won’t sell copies. Kidd won’t sell copies. “Boring” players who’s games don’t translate into media/market boom.

I’m already pissed Dirk has to share the cover w/ KD, should’ve been Dirk, Kareem, & Duncan.

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Resumé would be Duncan, but he never was the type of guy to market himself into a 2K cover. Of these guys, I’d take Vince Carter, they could add a dunk contest game mode or something.

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I bet td was like…
“Wanna be on the cover of 2k? You don’t do anything but you’ll earn money from sponsorship.”

TD: nah I’m good lol


Derrick Caracter :goat:

Jimmy butler

Rare footage of Tim Duncan going crazy with joy



Covers don’t sell books :cold_face:

ice trae

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Then knocks over the plant with so much excitement :joy:

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Trae has to do smth about his hair before he can be on the cover.

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Nah it’s be nba2k26 receded edition to replace the legend edition