Best players under 10k?

Who are the best cheap players to get rn?

I’m running this atm:

I also packed Amy Haywood and sold him for Boucher who’s free and probably better right?

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Amy Walton is under 10k if u refresh time to time.

Is he worth it though? I dont have much coins and both Boucher and MPJ are really good for me. I was thinking into upgrading my PG first.

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Ruby Dame is under 10k and is one of the best pg’s in the game right now.


On XBSX he’s like 12k atm but yeah I think I’ll get him, I heard he’s great.

I’m thinking about building something like this for now

I heard Siakam is pretty great too right? Can anyone tell me his price on xbox?


If you want some bench depth Gilbert Arenas and Caron Butler duo is pretty nice. Go to ruby and sapphire respectively. Both can hit the 3 (arenas gets gold chef and some other shooting badges) and arenas gets good dunk animations

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Anthony Davis with his animations is op as hell at the moment.

Yeah, just get Dame and you’re good. Best card I used this year (and I have pd Glenn). You don’t even need Siakam, MPJ is fine.


Grind draft mode if you’re good player you can get a lot of picks and thus get loads of goodies and tokens and maybe Glen.

I’m decent I guess, I’ll try it out today. I haven’t played 2k21 so I’m a bit rusty online haha.

Boucher is a Reward Card but that MF is KILLING it for me with like 4-5 Blocks per game


True, he’s a beast even at C IMO, he’s great all round and he can even shoot which is a huge bonus at this point of the game for a C.

Stockton has been great if you find him under 10K, snagged him for 9K earlier last week

I decided to keep a LaMelo for myself at 8.5k

Draft mode is great and you can make a killing on the boards with your picks. I’ve made most my MT that way. Unfortunately I have had 31 picks 4 times now and still don’t have Glenn.

if you are good at TTonline you can get lots of tokens and hopefully Gus. I have made it to the top board three times now and have seen Gus on every final board. He is a beast defensively.

Amy token reward Freddie Brown is nice as well. I prefer Dame but that’s probably only because I have bee using him since day 1. Both are great cheap options.

Ruby token reward Evan Fournier is pretty nice as well as is Tim Hardaway Jr.