Best players on current gen?

Comment the best players for each position on current gen.

Thinking of running PD Simmons, OPAL luka, DM Zion, OPAL giannis and DM KAJ

Edit: Only really play offline

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Simmons + Giannis on the court you’d struggle against zone with weaker shooting. Lonzo would be better maybe.

Only really play offline, barely touch unlimited or tt online


You will smash the CPU running that 5. Good lineup for the new domination.


opal giannis is lights out

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When he is open yes :nerd_face:

no shit lol u can say that for every card. No card is lights out shooting contested

Magic as PG is dope online, and megadope offline. Laser pass every day to your open lanes.

Opal Kawhi is with his HOF steady shooter combined with high ratings. I make guys frustration pause for 10 seconds all the time with him.

yea but you’re probably only making 40% of those even with steady. Lights out = more than 70% from 3 imo

If it’s against the cpu, you should run whoever is your favorite player or just mix it up with what is fun for you. CPU is dumb, you can run all ruby squad, Felipe, KPJ, Thaddeus, Hernangomez, Bamba and dominate every single cpu team on HoF.

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it’s your team buddy, but why do you need such an expensive team if you’re only playing offline? you can do just fine with the free reward cards

I run that same line up and I’m strictly offline too. It works well against the cpu…when it “decides” to let it. Lol

If you only play offline use a glitch play when you are losing to comeback and play with cheaper players, why have the best cards in the game if you only play the braindead CPU :laughing:

Because it’s more enjoyable?

My current lineup for the domination (mostly because I locked the heroes already) is:

Magic / Luka
MJ / Kawhi
Zion / AK-47
Admiral / Dirk
KAJ / Shaq

Is that overkill? :rofl:

I’d rather play a braindead CPU than a braindead human …


I also don’t like Laggy connections deciding whether I win or lose. I have 400 internet and have no problems playing PvP online with any game but 2K. At least when I’m playing against the CPU my players shoot when I push the buttons for them to shoot (most of the time).

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I need competition though the CPU is too easy I never lose.

I have 1.3mil mt. If DM Simmons comes out I should have a lineup of
DM Simmons, OPAL tmac, DM Zion, OPAL giannis, DM KAJ